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John Mazurek, Mazurek Photography, Mazurek, Photography, Digital Photographer
SPECIALTY: Contemporary, Nature, Travel, Wildlife, Transportation, Events, Street,
COMPANY: Mazurek Photography
Gallery Business Manager - Lemon Street Gallery
COUNTRY: United States
STATE: Illinois
CITY: Winthrop Harbor
ADDRESS: 431 Ravine Drive


John Mazurek began as a film photographer with a 35mm camera and a basement darkroom. He loved visually exploring life’s moments, using his camera to record light, time and perspective. While attending college he wandered the streets to identify a unique point of view that would enable him to tell a story with an image.

In the old Chicago Stockyards, a series of images portray the dying of the iconic meat packing Chicago, Chicago Stock Yard, Mazurek Photographyindustry. Later, still using black and white images, he told the story of a peaceful Grant Park concert turning into an urban riot. These images were included in a recent one person show, There’s a Riot Going On at Spectrum Gallery in Racine. Included was another stark series in which the streets of Chicago looked like bombed out town of WWII.

When Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated the streets of Chicago again erupted in violent riots. Then, an inner-city school teacher, Mazurek was enveloped in the drama of those events. His camera recorded the rioting, looting, and the impact on Chicago culture and families.Chicago Riot, Madison Street, Mazurek Photography


While raising a family and pursuing a career, he always had a camera close by to record events. However, as times changed, so did Mazurek’s approach to photography. Originally, he saw his task as one of recording events or subjects as accurately and faithfully as possible, essentially preserving memories and sharing experiences. He now sees that as a starting point in the creative process of an art form that should be celebrated.


Around this time, digital photography came on the scene and he committed himself to mastering the power and creativity of the camera and computer. Mainly self taught, he immersed himself in the potential of bits and bytes. While Mazurek was learning, photographic technology continued to improve until current digital images can rival or surpasses those of film cameras.


With image editing and refinements that the computer allows, he now had a tool  that is technically superb and artistically challenging. Not only did Mazurek’s tools for capturing an image change, but his process of visualizing, composing, recording and editing an image developed. For example, he sometimes records several photos, using them to build a final image. Other times he will choose from hundreds of images to find the critical one that will be his starting point.

ArtSite, a recent show in Racine, used vacant store fronts to showcase art. Mazurek’s photographic images revealed the essence and strong organic form of vintage automobiles. Flowing lines of classic cars evoke motion and sensuality; while hot rods display their power as bulging muscles, mindful of a time of youthful defiance. Close-up images accentuated the beautiful styling of these unique cars while giving the series a Pop-Art feel.


Mazurek’s work has been on display at Kenosha’s Anderson Arts Center’s Birds, Crow, Crows, Ravens, Blackbirds, BlackbirdVisual Images Show. He also has had images at Artworks and at The Nook as part of the Kenosha/Racine Arts Network (KRAN. In addition he has work at several other galleries, corporate and governmental buildings and at several online sites including .


Mazurek has taught Photoshop as well as Beginning and Advanced Digital Photography at UW-Parkside and other venues as well as lecture on his travels.


When you view a photograph, you are looking through the eyes of the artist at a unique place and time, never to be duplicated again. Mazurek brings you the world through his eyes, allowing you to share in the joy of nature, the treasure of a new location, or the delight of a unique face. Add to that his artistic refinements and what started off as a work of prose becomes poetry.

Bill Berggren, Photographer

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